Los 3 de la


A world of possibilities with the sound and flavor of Cuban Music.


We are the core of a family of Cuban musicians who decided to take their cultural heritage and turn it into the summum of their work to start building on that base, their own sound.

Our flavor, a mix of the genres Son and Cuban Salsa, has incorporated timba and some contemporary rhythms from the Caribbean and South Florida, consolidating a sound that characterizes us and that we want to share with you today. We have our headquarters in Miami, the midpoint where musical influences from the South and the rhythms of Jazz, Pop and urban music from the North mix. All this mixed together gave rise to what we know as “the Sound of Miami,” a trend that has been in force since the 70s and continues to this day.

Los 3 de La Habana & Band arrived in Miami in 2007 and this defining impulse determined a moment in our career. The initial line-up remains intact thanks to the fact that we continue to be a family core made up of Germán Pinelli (director, singer, arranger, guitarist and producer); Ana Páez, (singer), and Tirso Páez, (singer, composer and guitarist). Throughout these years “Los 3 de La Habana & Band” grew to a larger family reaching 10 musicians including Miguelito (Timbales), Magela (Bass), Maggie (Congas), Alaina (Piano) and on the brass strings, Albert, Day and Lucio. This training has given us the opportunity to present ourselves worldwide and take this concept of “joy and flavor” to Spain, Italy, Greece, England, Australia, and Canada.


The first three albums, “Los 3 de La Habana & Band”, “Y Quiénes son”, “Suena como yo” were the preamble to what was to come, the latter containing the hit “Don’t go over the line”.

The fourth album was recorded in Miami in 2007 where we arrived at the end of December. This album “Llegó el Momento” debuted at position #37 on the Billboard urban chart and gave us the opportunity to make the group known in the United States. Following this, an intense promotional tour took us to more than 29 cities in the United States in just 35 days. New York, Detroit, Chicago (African Festival), Los Angeles (Conga Room), San Francisco were among the cities visited.


This album and the tour to promote it showed us the radiography of this immense country, its multiculturalism, and the interest in rhythms such as Salsa and Timba that are produced in South Florida. In this way, in March 2011 the fifth album “Fighting” arrives, an independent production of the authorship, production, and arrangements of Germán Pinelli. “Fighting” gave way to “Transfer”, a 2012 production that incorporates for the first time a lexical characteristic of immigration, “Spanglish”. This Latin Grammy pre-nominated album has the vocal arrangements that characterize the group in addition to going through some genres of Cuban music such as Son la Guajira, Danzón, Cha cha cha, and Rumba.


2020 and in the heat of the electoral campaign, we launched the theme “Trump’s Song” achieving a close connection with the Hispanic community in the United States and the World. This theme demonstrated that for the first time a group of Cuban origin could be a fundamental part of a presidential campaign in the United States.
And so, between successes and the construction of a robust community of followers, we reached 2022, the year in which we launched “Mi Casita en la Yuma” together with Eduardo Antonio. This song, just 3 days, crossed 118K views on Youtube and more than 190K on Instagram.


New technological developments introduce new challenges in the process of creating and distributing music. The possibility of reaching more and more people implies a challenge for any artist and a possibility of legitimizing his work.

Los 3 de La Habana & Band today have a multiplatform profile, where we offer you the opportunity to enjoy our musical successes, when you are part of our YouTube show, create your commercial product jingles, and you can even have us in your private celebrations.